Pictures & Sculptures

Textile Designs

for carpets, blankets, sheets, T-Shirts, and many others, not only for textile, p.e. for bags, purses, postcards, cups, bowls, etc...

It is possible to order designs on demand for your personal purpose. We like to work for you!

The unauthorized copy, printing or using of the copy of any picture or design for any purpose is illegal and will cause consequences that you may not like...All designs are copyrighted.

Design 1 'Intrigue'

Design 2 'Aerie'

 Design 3 'Jumping on the bed' - available also in different colors - auch in anderen Farben erhältlich

Design 4 'Trust'

  Design 5 'Walkin' along'

'Walkin' along


Serie:  'A-ho~'


'A-ho~' Thank you

'A-ho~' Hearts


Designs for Tiles - on table tops, floors, walls and others

Tile Table Top 'Sun Shine'


Tile Table Top 'Star Dust'*

Tile table top 'Forever'

Tile Table Top ' Two Medicine' 

Tile Table Top 'Whirlwind'